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August 11 2011 5 11 /08 /August /2011 04:32

Unlike desktop keyboard, directly in the notebook computer is located in a sensitive computer itself and all the hardware, more than one. While there are many, you can use Dell Laptop Keyboard error, the most common problem is relatively easy to solve. Here is how to fix the keyboard, when it poured out of work due to failure of water, debris or broken key particles.

           * 1

             If water is spilled on the keyboard did not cause your keyboard off, turn it off. Of water on your keyboard can still be in the electronics industry contacts and short computer. Save your program and close, will prevent any electronic product may cause damage or loss of any data by a sudden shutdown.

           * 2

             Carefully tip towel inverted Toshiba Laptop Keyboard any shaking of the water (use a towel to collect the water will reduce your laptop down on the risk of a hard surface). Do not shake the computer, but it gently moves through the gap between the keys in the water.

           * 3

             Dry the remaining water in the computer, a "cool" setting (do not use a hot dryer to melt the plastic parts to avoid any damage to) use a hair dryer.

           * 4

             Open the laptop to make sure it is completely dry before wait a day or two. Water spilled on HP Laptop Keyboard will not do any permanent damage, the computer will most likely be fine, once the water dried. However, remember that this is not the case, if you like pop or your laptop on the soup spill things - in these cases, your hard drive will be fine, but other parts of the computer may cause permanent damage (such as card or board).

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iPhone repair nottingham 10/08/2016 19:43

Do not shake the computer, but it gently moves through the gap between the keys in the water.


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