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June 15 2011 4 15 /06 /June /2011 07:17

Gateway laptops are one of the more commonly-used laptops when it comes to both computer gaming and working. One common problem that Gateway laptop users face is having the spacebar either fall off the Gateway Laptop Keyboard or stick to surrounding keys. While some people get rather frustrated and opt to pay an expert or just quit using their laptops altogether, others have learned some easy tricks that solve this problem.
      Spacebar Fell Off
          * 1
            Remove the metal bracket from the underside of the spacebar by slipping the flat head screwdriver between the bracket and the plastic. Gently pull the screwdriver up until the bracket pops out of the plastic notches holding it in place. Some spacebars have multiple notches that you might need to pull the bracket out of.
          * 2

            Press the bracket into the notches on the three square buttons on the Gateway Laptop Keyboard. These should be small square buttons that the plastic piece of your spacebar covers. The bracket should noticeably click in place and remain in position if you gently wiggle it around with your finger.
          * 3

            Place the plastic piece of the spacebar over the metal bracket and press down. If you have the spacebar positioned like it should be on the keyboard, the bracket will snap up into the notches on the spacebar and the key will be set into the keyboard once again.
      Sticky Keys
          * 1

          Slip the flat head screwdriver under the plastic part of the spacebar from the top of the Gateway Laptop Keyboard. Gently pull up until the plastic part of the key snaps off of the bracket. You might have to slide the screwdriver around the key and gently pull up, depending on how many notches secure the plastic key to the bracket.
          * 2

            Rub some alcohol onto a cotton swab and rub the swab along the sides of the spacebar. Continue to scrub the spacebar until you have made it all the way around the spacebar. Once you have done the sides, scrub the top of the space bar to make sure you have all of the sticky substances cleaned off.
          * 3

            Use a dry cotton swab to brush off anything on the inside of the Gateway Laptop Keyboard]. Do not use rubbing alcohol when working on the inside of the keyboard or you chance ruining your Gateway laptop.
          * 4

            Let the key dry and then snap it back in place on the keyboard of your Gateway laptop.

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