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August 29 2011 2 29 /08 /August /2011 04:35

The Eee PC's small size and compact design, and prevent wash with large open design for a machine as easy. Outside of the Eee PC is very easy to clean, but if stuck or liquid waste spilled on the keyboard problems. To clean Eee PC, you need to take the laptop keyboard, risking execution if removed improperly damage.


        Close the Eee PC and disconnect any USB, network, speakers, monitors and any other external devices. Unplug the Eee PC, and remove its battery.

        LCD screen cleaning cloth. Use alcohol preparation pad to clean the rest outside the Eee PC.

        Air gun from the can into the short, such as USB and Ethernet port, blow out the dust or debris.

        Remove the ASUS Eee PC 1005HA Keyboard clean. There are three small label near the monitor screen: In the "Pause / discount" the key, through the "F6" key, just one of more than a tilde key. Down the label, release and remove the keyboard. Be careful, do not use any form of force. The keyboard is a clear ribbon cable to the computer. Cable clamp bracket side of the screen can be pushed, releasing the ribbon and keyboard. Be careful not to let any dirt end of the cable.

        Neither cold nor hot distilled water, soaked in a mixture of two tablespoons of liquid dishwashing soap keyboard. Do not use dishwasher soap, just wash or no. Isopropyl alcohol is an acceptable substitute for soap. If you have any special sticky keys depress them several times, but do not push down harder than normal typing. Let sit for two hours on the keyboard, and occasionally push button.

        Removed from the water and gently dry with a towel or paper towels, lint not fall and full keyboard keys. Use air to blow out the back of the Asus Laptop Keyboard between the keys and holes. Trying to get all the water.

        Leave the fan, the daily dry the keyboard at least on the surface.

        Check to make sure there is no residual water completely keyboard. Ribbon cable into the computer and into the bracket. Double-check to make sure it is safe, can not slip out of ribbon. Slide to the bottom of the keyboard tab and then gently push the top down until it clicks back into place.

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